Thursday, October 1st, 2009

A new site for family –

Posted in media group is delighted to announce a brand new website for our family of sites – is an unconventional journey planner for The Tube (also referred to as London Underground). The main concept is that Tube users know from the start of their journey what carriage of the train to be on for their destination, so the exit is right in front of them, and they don’t waste time walking the length of the platform finding the way out. can also find information about changing from one tube line to another for their journey.

Other features of the site include information for wheelchair access, what zone stations are in, where stations appear on The Tube Map by grid reference, maps of where Tube stations are and much more.

Daniel Bartosik of said “I am delighted to have developed this site. It has taken two years of careful research and planning and now we’ve finally done it!”

“It’s been a real effort and by far the most complex site we have done to date. We hope though that our users find the information both helpful and informative to make their Tube journeys as quick as possible.”

The site is currently in beta whilst taking feedback and suggestions from users. Further modifications will be made during this time.

The Future

Daniel also added “ is in beta at the moment and is only designed for PC use at this time, but we hope our users will be excited to hear that a mobile version of the site is already being developed”.