Friday, August 7th, 2009

Saying goodbye to www.

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Since April of 2009 has stopped using www. in it’s URLs. looses it's Ws' looses it's Ws'

There are many reasons for this change:

  1. “www” is redundant.
  2. “www” is hard to say.
  3. “www” is a waste of time to type or write.
  4. Think about it. Did you read something cool at “”, or did you read it at “”
  5. “www” is an old way of the Internet and just no longer needed.
  6. You don’t use it when emailing someone i.e., just

This should make navigating to the site far easier.

For those with bookmarks / favourites, links from other sites and from email messages will automatically get redirected over to the non-www. site. It would however be helpful for those sites that do link with www. to update their links to reflect this change.

Regular users do not need do anything or change their settings.