Friday, October 26th, 2007’s Blogberry celebrates its first birthday

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As originally posted on’s Blogberry:-

“The good news this morning, and I am sure many people marked this in their calendars – the Blogberry is celebrating its first birthday. Over 130 articles (posts) have been written since the original back on Thursday, October 26th, 2006. The Blogberry now has on average 3 posts a week.

The better news is that more people than ever are reading it. In fact, despite having 380 customers in Central and West London, viewing figures for the contents of the Blogberry are much higher. Seven and half thousand [unique] users have viewed content here in the last 12 months from across the Globe.

But further to this, where these people coming from in the world. Obviously, the United Kingdom tops the list of countries viewing the site, however, nearly half of the World’s countries have paid a visit in the last 12 months at some point or another.

All in all, this Blog started out as an experiment, but has now grown into an important cornerstone of business and I am delighted by the result.”