Monday, July 30th, 2007 2.0

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“It is finally here, and I am really chuffed by the result. A brand new squeaky clean website for was uploaded late on Sunday night.

New and ImprovedSo what has happened here?

Well, for starters, the entire site has been re-coded from scratch. All the graphics have been changed. The only thing which has remained the same is the Blogberry, which was dealt with earlier in the month.

The Knowledge section has vastly been upgraded, with new additional tools and sections.

One small change, but I am sure some of you will notice it and query it, I have also decided to drop the ‘www.’ from the web address. It makes it easier and shorter to just enter Don’t worry, the old way will still work too.

A little trivia actually began as a sub-site under (parent company), before moving into its own domain. That was a little over 951 days ago now, and things have changed a lot.

Other than that, do explore the site.”